Light Display
1815 S 4th Ave

Star of the East
701 N Savannah Dr, Sioux Falls, SD 57103

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Western Wonderland
2101 W Black Rock Cir

Lights & Lanes

Church Lane Sioux Falls Christmas

Light Display
3507 W 77th St

Christmas at the Western Mall - Dakota Holidays
Winter Wonderland at the Sioux Falls

Snowman Lane
400 S Phillips Ave

Living Nativity
124 E 2nd St, Canton

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Luminary Lane
1716 S Hawthorn Ave

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Light Display
927 N Minnesota Ave

Light Display
901 S Duluth Ave

Lights on Lotta
311 W Lotta St

Elf Lane
4500 S Jandl Dr

Light Display
1904 S Van Eps Ave

501 S Phillips Ave

Bent Grass
5201 W Bent Grass St

Christmas Lights & Lanes Map

Light Display
1150 Sunset Dr, Beresford

Light Display
1710 S 4th Ave

Train Lane II Sioux Falls Dakota Holidays Christmas

Hollybear Lane
1228 S Holly Ave

Christmas Card Lane
5200 S Landsdown Dr

Nativity Display
3101 S Lincoln Ave